ASPOA - Promoting the Quality of Life and Ostomy Welfare in the Region

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The ASPOA officially began its functions and mandate on November 2010 during the International Ostomy Association meeting held in Frankfurt, Germany. There are three regions among which is the ASPOA together with the European Ostomy Association (EOA) and the Ostomy Association of the Americas (OAA) that complement and strengthen each other promoting the rights of ostomates, quality patient care and providing support and medical know how for ostomates and health professionals world wide

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The Strategic Plan for the coming year is now being revised and updated.

World Ostomy Day is celebrated every 3 years and in 2021 The World Ostomy Award committee and the European Ostomy Association (EOA) partnered and planned implement the WOA in the year 2022. This was participated by no less than different associations from the different regions. Watch out for announcements and all pertinent information for the next World Osomy Day.

The future of every association is being able to find young men and women who are willing to take up the cudgels for ostomy advocacy in every country. The main intention of the 20/40 Focus Group of the ASPOA is not only to provide a forum where young ostomates get to express their needs and concers but a platform to train and become future leaders in every association.

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Individuals and support groups bonding together after undergoing stoma surgery.

Industry Partners

Manufacturers of Ostomy Appliances providing quality and top of the line ostomy products.

Health Professionals

Doctors and ET nurses working together in providing informatin and healthcare for Ostomates.

Industry Partners

ASPOA works with Industry Partners in promoting ostomy welfare in the whole region of Asia and South Pacific.