20/40 Focus Group - ASPOA

The 20/40, or Young Adults Interest Group is designed to offer a forum to those persons with ostomy and who would like to meet with others in a similar age group to share ideas, develop friendships and learn more about living with an ostomy.

It is open to all young adults, regardless of type of ostomy or alternate procedure, sexual orientation or marital status. Internationally, the 20/40 Focus group has had conferences full of information sessions, discussion groups and has created a warm environment for young adult ostomates around the world.

The meetings coincide with conferences of the International Ostomy Association vis-à-vis regional meetings where a forum is set aside for young ostomates to meet and hold discussions and resolutions for better quality of life.

What is the 20 / 40 Focus Group Desk?

The 20/40 Focus Group Desk is a structured set-up of young volunteer ostomates coming from the countries and regions of Asia and South Pacific. They establish themselves as a satellite group with its own rules and regulations that is in constant communication with the 20/40 Focus Representative. The desk is under the umbrella of the ostomy associations and chapters of a country.

The reason behind forming a satellite desk is decentralization. It can propose activities other than the set guidelines proposed by the 20/40 Representative. In this way, the activities are acted upon and implemented according to one’s cultural inclinations and background. The main preoccupation of the Focus Group desk is to gather young committed ostomates who can promote ostomy advocacy. They gather for group sharings, medical missions, boot camps, conferences and just plain and fun time enjoying each other’s company.

The connotation of the Desk is symbolic. It can literally mean a table to represent an office. If this is not possible due to constraints of meeting place, it may also mean a contact person who will facilitate the activities of the Focus Group Desk.

Blood, poop and tears ... and rising above it.

I say this with the utmost respect. The fact that you put yourself out there and talk about a lot of taboo issues with humour and intelligence is wonderful and inspiring. I personally believe that part of healing is not being mentally consumed by a condition. Clearly you are taking control OVER the disease as much as you can but still, I have to wonder if you can move post ibd, cancer and other significant cases. MANY people have their own issues too. I have several very close family members who have been near death and clawed their way back. I would do my best to think of myself as healthy and well and not diseased and uncured. (Anonymous)