20/40 Focus Group - ASPOA

How to go About?
Every country is to assign ostomate volunteers to take charge of 20/40 Focus Group Desk. It may happen that there are people who are already in-charge of existing groups. In this case, the initiative for the satellite desk is simply to integrate the functions and work corresponding to it. Otherwise, if there are still no designated personnel and work of such nature, it is highly encouraged to begin and start the initiative.
Each satellite 20/40 Focus Group Desk patterns itself after a given model presented herewith. It is further improved by insertions of other ideas brought about by the planning of the respective groups. It promotes the need to be a support group in gathering members and hearing out their concerns.

1. The 20/40 Focus Desk strengthens its awareness campaign by capitalizing on creating effective propaganda machinery which can include tarpaulins, bookmarks, stickers, t-shirts, and other paraphernalia. The materials are aids in informing people of what the 20/40 Focus is all about. Another form of awareness campaign is capitalizing on the use of information technology. The dissemination of information can be done among the countries by using websites, blogs, email communications and the use of text messaging. One of the effective campaigns it can use is the distribution of circulars or newsletters that speaks specifically about ostomy life advocacies.

2. The 20/40 desk proposes the formation of possible Ostomy Clubs that will cater to the needs of the members. Such groups can revolve around generic groupings like “Kiddie Ostomy Club,” “Young Professionals Ostomy Club,” “Singles Ostomy Club,” “Cancer Support Groups” and the like. These groups aim to foster support for the specific age group within a wider 20/40 Focus Movement.

3. Lastly, the 20/40 desk will recommend recruiting persons interested among the ostomates for volunteer work. This is to assure the continuity of the satellite desk and at the same time allow smooth transition of the passing on of responsibilities after a designated time frame. The volunteers can be considered as the point man for the desk when core group meetings are held for the whole Asia South Pacific region. Similarly, the said volunteer representatives are responsible for sharing the best practices done in every satellite desks. The 20/40 Focus Representative will work in the facilitating of all the needs of the satellite desks and create effective communication through proper interventions and suggestions.

Blood, poop and tears ... and rising above it.

I say this with the utmost respect. The fact that you put yourself out there and talk about a lot of taboo issues with humour and intelligence is wonderful and inspiring. I personally believe that part of healing is not being mentally consumed by a condition. Clearly you are taking control OVER the disease as much as you can but still, I have to wonder if you can move post ibd, cancer and other significant cases. MANY people have their own issues too. I have several very close family members who have been near death and clawed their way back. I would do my best to think of myself as healthy and well and not diseased and uncured. (Anonymous)