Stoma Care in the Philippines

We work in partnership with hospitals and the local government units, to initiate, help and sustain the formation of ostomy support groups and work in creating quality of life for ostomates. We build Partnerships with patients that last. The National Federation of Ostomates of the Philippines (NFOP) Inc., is a non stock and non profit association composed of persons with stoma (ostomates) and volunteers ranging from nurses and surgeons and caregivers that works to promote quality of life for Filipino ostomates.

Ostomates in the Youth Sector

The 20/40 FOCUS GROUP is a group intended in sharing and improving the quality of life of young ostomates and those with related surgeries between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. In some countries, they adjust the age span until 50. This group pay special attention to the needs of teenagers and young adults who may have questions in terms of identity, sexuality, work experience and others which may be hindered due to a colostomy bag.

The population of the Philippines is young, with people aged between 15-64 years making up 59 percent of the population, while those under 15 make up 37 percent of the population. Those aged 65 years and above make up only 4 percent of the population. This makes all the more the work for young ostomates meaningful. Most have found it difficult to open up in mainstream society. This is the task we are meant to do.


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