The ASPOA Constitution


THE ASIA and SOUTH PACIFIC OSTOMY ASSOCIATION (ASPOA) of IOA. (hereinafter called "The Association").

The Association was founded in 2010 in conjunction with the revision of the International Ostomy Association's structure and governance. It represents a merger of the South Pacific and Asian Ostomy Associations into one Region of the International Ostomy Association.


The Purpose is to provide an Association in form of a Regional Association of I.O.A. for the benefit of ostomates, run by ostomates and in full interests of all ostomates with the co-operation of outside help when required, and to represent the viewpoint of the ostomates at the regional level.

The Association is a non profit making, non political and religiously neutral organisation concerned only with the health and welfare of ostomates. It is pledged to co-operate with medical, nursing and associated professions and to work with allied organisations and corporations.

The aims of the Association are to encourage the highest possible standards of surgery, medical attention and patient after-care and to assist Member Associations to help rehabilitate ostomates to enable them to achieve the quality of life they seek in all its aspects.

The primary objectives of the Association are:

(a) To distribute information and exchange experiences on all aspects of ostomy related matters through the organization and facilitation of meetings within the region.

(b) To develop and administer support programs to assist disadvantaged Ostomates within the Asia and South Pacific Region (hereinafter called "the Region")

(c) To co-ordinate and support all efforts to develop, establish and provide basic standards in ostomy care and rehabilitation, in particular by:
  • c.1 collecting, evaluating and publishing as appropriate Ostomy related information.
  • c.2 co-operating with medical and nursing associations, government health administrations and organizations in the Region,
  • c.3 promoting co-operation among scientific professional groups which contribute to the advancement of ostomy welfare.
  • c.4 promoting and encouraging research in the field of ostomy health
  • c.5 to develop and maintain an internet website for the Association

(d) To maintain efficient and effective communication channels with member Associations

(e) To motivate, to morally support and to promote existing and help to found new national ostomy associations, in particular for
  • e.1 arranging psychological help for all ostomates in their countries by meeting of ostomates and exchanging experiences,
  • e.2 working towards optimum care and rehabilitation conditions on national basis.

1. Membership of the Association shall be open to the Ostomy Associations in the Region. Countries not in the Region but who are in close proximity, can be considered for membership. CLASSES OF MEMBERSHIP

2. There shall be the following classes of membership:
(a) Full Membership,
(b) Associate Membership,
(c) Patron Membership.

3. Full membership of the Association shall be open to any National Ostomy Association which signifies acceptance of this Constitution and that of IOA. Applications for Full Membership shall be approved by a simple majority vote of House of Delegates.

4. Associate Membership of the Association shall be open to individual Ostomy Groups who apply for Associate Membership and to such other Ostomy Groups or Associations who are not granted full membership of the Association. Providing the applicant signifies the acceptance of this Constitution and that of IOA, applications for Associate Membership shall be approved by a simple majority vote of House of Delegates.

5 .Full and Associate Members may be accepted by a Regional Association Co- ordination Committee on a provisional basis until its House of Delegates can formally accept the Group at its next House of Delegates Meeting.

Members accepted provisionally shall have all rights accorded to Full and Associate Members with the exception of the right by Full Members to vote.

6. Patron Membership of the Association shall be open to non-participating Individuals, Associations, Institutions, Companies or other bodies not being an Ostomy Group or Association.


7. Full Members and Associate Members of the Association shall be entitled to such rights and privileges as hereinafter appear or as decided by the House of Delegates.

8. Patron Members shall be entitled each year during the currency of their annual Membership Subscription to receive copies of Regional news information.


9. If a Full Member or Asociate Member fails on written demand for one year to meet its financial obligations to the Association or in such other exceptional

circumstances as the House of Delegates by a two-thirds majority vote may decide, the House of Delegates may for some period or indefinitely and on such conditions it thinks proper, suspend or cancel the membership, the voting privileges and the services to which such member is entitled, provided, such member has been given at least three months written notice of the intention to propose the initiation of such action. The House of Delegates shall have full authority to restore such membership, voting rights and services as and when it thinks fit.

10. Patron Membership shall automatically cease on the expiration of the annual subscription unless renewed by payment of a further annual subscription.