The ASPOA Constitution


11. The annual fee payable each year is set by the house of delegates (a suggested fee structure is set out below)

12. Annual subscriptions shall be paid not later than 1st March each year.

Number of Ostomates Fees
1 to 1000 USD 200
1001 to 2,500 USD 500
2,500 to 5,000 USD 750
5,001 to 7500 USD 1,000
7501 to 10000 USD 1,500
10,001 and over USD 2,000
Associate Members USD 150

Full Members which effectively have 100% of ostomates in their country as members shall be accorded a 15% discount in respect of the above annual subscriptions.

13. The Association shall prepare Annual Accounts each year. The Accounts are to be audited and presented to the Association Coordination Committee within five months. Audited accounts to be available to member Associations after that date.


The work of the Association shall be carried out by:
(a) The House of Delegates,
(b) The Co-ordination Committee.


1. The Association's Assembly shall be called the House of Delegates and shall be composed of not more than two Representatives of each Full Member of the Association.


2. The functions of the House of Delegates shall be:
(a) To determine the policies of the Association;

(b) To consider applications for membership of the Association and subject thereto to elect members;

(c) To elect the Regional Co-ordination Committee.

(d) To determine annual membership feess

3. The House of Delegates shall meet at least once every three years or at such other intervals as the House of Delegates may form from time to time prescribe (herein called 'General Sessions'). Special Sessions may be convened at the request of the majority of the Full Members of the Association.

The Agenda proposed for any Session shall be notified in writing to all Full Members not less than three months in advance of the proposed Session.

4. The House of Delegates at each General Session shall appoint the Member Association which shall host and organize the next meeting.

5. The House of Delegates shall be chaired by the Chairperson elected by the House of Delegates.

6. The House of Delegates language shall be English. Simultaneous translation into other languages shall be provided, if possible.

7. Observers are permitted to attend, provided the additional costs are fully covered.


8. Each Full Member shall have one vote

9. The Members can delegate their vote to another Member, but advice must be provided in written form to the Chairperson prior to the commencement of a meeting.

10. Meetings of either the House of Delegates or the Co-ordination Committee may be held by telephone hook-up or any form of electronic means. Decisions taken at such meetings or by a postal vote held between meetings shall be valid decisions of the body concerned.

11. All motions with the exceptions of those involving a change to this Constitution shall be carried by a simple majority of the total eligible votes of all Member Associations present and if the voting is tied the motion shall be lost.

12. Changes to this Constitution will require an affirmative vote of not less than two thirds of the total eligible votes of all Member Associations present.