Official ASPOA Logo

The Asia South Pacific Ostomy Association (ASPOA) is a merger of ostomy associations comprising the different countries in the Region. We are under the umbrella of the International Ostomy Association. As a region, we seek a high interest in stoma health care and the overall well being for building and strenghtening associations in different countries.

Most important functions of the ostomy associations like the ASPOA are:

1) Visitor Training: To give hope to new or would be patients by sharing with them their personal positive experiences and how they have overcome certain problems along the way to live a near normal life.

2) Pre Op. And Post Op. Counselling:
- To explain the patient and their care givers diagnosis and treatment plan as well as follow up in detail .

- To give information about the current development in medical field regarding the ostomy related subjects as well as ostomy products to ostomates and their care givers as well as to give information to ostomates about how best to use all available ostomy products to lead a near normal life.

3) Co-ordinate with different health care professional bodies to give knowledge and create awareness about standard of care for ostomates to their members

4) To liase with Ostomy related products manufacturers for making them available these appropriate products to ostomates and give feedback for carrying our research and development of reliable as well as economical products for future use.

5) Advocacy: To create awareness amongst the society in general about the issues that are faced by the ostomates and their needs.

The logo of the ASPOA symbolizes partnership with the IOA represented by the green helix. We promote quality of life for ostomates in all countries.