Message of the President

October 2012

Dear Friends,

I bring greetings to ostomates and website browsers in the Asia and South Pacific region. I am pleased to record this first message our secretary and webmaster has developed.

I think Ronaldo has made an excellent update to the website for our region.

World Ostomy Day is less than 2 months away and updated information is on all regional websites as well as the IOA site. The Theme for this day on October 6th is "Let's Be Heard"

Many member associations are planning for World Ostomy Day on the 6th October this year. Member associations are asked to put some detail of what they are doing on our region's website.

The Coloplast Merit Award gives the opportunity for each region to win $3000 US with their digital entry. The Hollister photo competition is also detailed online. ConvaTec are also promoting a WOD competition and details will be posted soon. All information is posted in the IOA Website regarding WOD2012.

Ria Smeijers and Anne Demick are the WOD coordinators and contact people.

UOAC Conference 15-19 August

This week (in my role of IOA CC Chairperson) I will attend the United Ostomy Association of Canada's biennial conference in Toronto and speak on "Changes, Challenges and Successes."

ConvaTec are supporting each our region with a grant for planned projects.


A survey is presently being prepared by Ronaldo 20/40 convener and will be sent to ostomates in this age group soon.

ASPOA Activities

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia plans are in place to become a new member association on World Ostomy Day 6th October 2012.

Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore:

Dr Harikesh Buch travelled to these 3 countries in late June and carried out successful training with Doctors ET's and ostomates. He was supported by Coloplast's National Distributors in each of the countries. Selected Ostomates were trained in the visitors programme.


This week Dr Buch will return to Singapore and meet with the Singapore Cancer Society to form a National Association. This has also happened in The Philippines.


Iran Ostomy Society's plans to invite neighbouring countries Doctors to assist them to help establish Ostomy associations in their own country are moving forward. They have this planned early next year.



Barry Maughan
ASPOA President