Message of the President

16 May 2013

Dear Friends,

Greeting to all ostomates and users of our ASPOA website.

A number of activities have been happening around our region and these are being reported on in The Presidents ASPOA Report and in our ASPOA Newsletter produced by our secretary and webmaster Ronaldo.

Our vice president Dr Buch has been working closely with Ostomy Societies in Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines and Taiwan.

Out of our region he has been involved with Lions for Stoma Care in Kenya as well as in our region with The Philippines.

The projects in Iran and China continue to reflect the good work of health professionals, industry and ostomates working together.

We hope that we have a great attendance of all countries delegates and other ostomates at our combined ASPOA conference in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam next year on 25/26 conference with the medical professionals in ASSR.

We encourage any member association that has not joined with ASPOA to do so.

Capitation fees are obtainable by contacting our treasurer Richard McNair on

Member associations please contact any member of the committee with good ideas and please send in information and photos about your activities to the secretary so they can be reported on in the newsletter or on the website.

Kindest Regards,
Barry Maughan

ASPOA President / Chairperson