Message of the President

09 August 2018

    It does not really seem to be 6 months since I wrote the last report however time does indeed fly and things have been happening. From the Executive view the major things that have been accomplished or are still in the works are;

    World Ostomy Day, this have been a major exercise for me and I am happy to report that it is coming on very well with most countries becoming involved in some way shape or form. Coloplast have set up a page on their website which will enable all associations to load their activities and they have very kindly put up the sum of US$3000 per region as a prize which I think is the largest amount that we have so far had given to us so please I urge all associations to get on board and promote World Ostomy Day to the fullest. Hollister are also coming on board and I hope to have the details of what they are going to do shortly.

    Back in April, Ronaldo Lora and I attended the World Council of Entrostomal Therapists Congress in Kuala Lumpur (Dr Harikesh Buch was also meant to be there but was unwell and could not travel). We were joined by Mr Ken Aukett from the USA as Ken is the Chairman of the International Ostomy Associations Coordination Committee and we had a small stand thanks to the efforts of the organisers for which we were very grateful. This was a very intensive few days and a lot of contacts were made, not just in the ASPOA region but worldwide and following these up has been a very large but enjoyable task. The costs associated with having two of us attend the congress was offset by a very large amount of sponsorship that I managed to obtain from companies in New Zealand and Australia and we are very grateful for this assistance. Both Ronaldo and I had speaking rights with me being the first conference invited speaker and Ronaldo having two opportunities during the congress.

    Mr Barry Maughan and I have set up a charitable Trust in New Zealand called "Friends of Ostomates World Wide New Zealand "specifically to send surplus Ostomy products to Asia and the South Pacific and we hope to have this in operation by September although we have sent some stock already ourselves.

    Dr Harikesh Buch has already done some distance training using Skype and involving a group of nurses in Vietnam in April and at the time of writing this he is in South America doing a considerable amount of hands on training.

Richard B. McNair
Asia & South Pacific Ostomy Association