20/40 Focus Group - What We Do

What is the 20 / 40 Focus Group Desk?

      During the last House of Delegates Meeting in Seoul Korea last March 2017, a plan of action was rolled out by Mr. Ronaldo Lora in order to facilitate the relaunching of the 20/40 Focus Group in all member associations of the ASPOA Region. One of the effective innovations that has been effective was the setting up of a Focus Group Desk in order to welcome and accomodate young people into respective associations.

      The 20/40 Focus Group Desk is a structured set-up of young volunteer ostomates coming from the countries and regions of Asia and South Pacific. They establish themselves as a satellite group with its own rules and regulations that is in constant communication with the 20/40 Focus Representative. The desk is under the umbrella of the ostomy associations and chapters of a country.

      The reason behind forming a satellite desk is decentralization. It can propose activities other than the set guidelines proposed by the 20/40 Representative. In this way, the activities are acted upon and implemented according to one's cultural inclinations and background. The main preoccupation of the Focus Group desk is to gather young committed ostomates who can promote ostomy advocacy. They gather for group sharings, medical missions, boot camps, conferences and just plain and fun time enjoying each other's company.

      The connotation of the Desk is symbolic. It can literally mean a table to represent an office. If this is not possible due to constraints of meeting place, it may also mean a contact person who will facilitate the activities of the Focus Group Desk.