20/40 Focus Group - ASPOA

The 20/40, or Young Adults Interest Group is designed to offer a forum to those persons with ostomy and who would like to meet with others in a similar age group to share ideas, develop friendships and learn more about living with an ostomy.

It is open to all young adults, regardless of type of ostomy or alternate procedure, sexual orientation or marital status. Internationally, the 20/40 Focus group has had conferences full of information sessions, discussion groups and has created a warm environment for young adult ostomates around the world.

The meetings coincide with conferences of the International Ostomy Association vis-à-vis regional meetings where a forum is set aside for young ostomates to meet and hold discussions and resolutions for better quality of life.

The future of every association is being able to find young men and women who are willing to take up the cudgels for ostomy advocacy in every country. The main intention of the 20/40 Focus Group of the ASPOA is not only to provide a forum where young ostomates get to express their needs and concers but a platform to train and become future leaders in every association.