Coloplast 2022 World Ostomy Award

As the Chairman of the International Ostomy Association I wish to say how impressed I am with the effort that has been put into the organisation and running of the 2022 World Ostomy Award program. The EOA and Coloplast have done a tremendous amount of work in setting up this program and they deserve a great deal of thanks from the Ostomates worldwide. I believe that the efforts put in not just by the winners and place getters in each region but those of all of the entrants has been second to none and I feel that this program has highlighted the need to publicise the efforts of Ostomates everywhere. I would appreciate it if you could express my gratitude to the management and staff of Coloplast for their efforts in making this program happen. I would also like to express my thanks to the team who made up the judging panel as I am sure that this was not an easy task.

Richard B. McNair.