The 20/40 Focus Movement in ASPOA Region

No one is exempted not to join in building the 20/40 Focus Group in every member country.

We place our hopes in young ostomaates who are the future leaders of every member association. If you intend to build a 20/40 Group in your member country, I hope you can coordinate with me so that we can realize the dream that every association has this young ostomate component in their country.

The best model that we have at present is the 20/40 Focus Group of JOA with a strong organization of youth leaders in every association and chapters. May I encourage each and every president to look out for your potential prospective whom you can guide and mentor as they journey along in serving young ostomates like them.

Help me build the Young Leaders Council for 20/40 ASPOA.

May this Pledge of Commitment be your guide in forming and molding young ostomates in your association.

The 20/40 Challenge
A Pledge of Commitment

As members of the Asia and South Pacific Ostomy Association, and in an effort to discover and strengthen the sector of young adult ostomates in our Association;

We recognize the vast opportunities that young adult ostomates have to offer in building and strengthening the 20/40 Focus Group that works hand in hand with the International Ostomy Association;

We acknowledge the youthful spirit they exhude, the availability of time they offer, the raw talent they possess, and the genuine heart they exemplify in service to fellow young ostomates in continuing the work of our Association;

Hence, I pledge to:

• Keep a watchful eye for potential young adults who can continue the work of the Association as my way of passing on the torch;
• Provide guidance and support in their formation
• Partner with them to promote quality of life for ostomates;
• Support them in every way with loyalty and action, word and deed; and
• Live each day as an example of what our Association is ought to be.

Signed by:


Presented by Mr. Ronaldo Lora - 20/40 Chair during the House of Delegates Meeting, ASPOA-ASSR Conference, South Korea, March 2017

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