Mr. Satoshi Kakimoto is Linda Aukett Awardee of 2017

      Mr. Michiaki Takaishi, on behalf of Mr. Satoshi who was not able to join the conference, received his award on his behalf from Mr. Ronaldo Lora and Dr. Harikesh Buch.

Name of the Nominee: Satoshi KAKIMOTO, Mr.
Date of Birth: Nov. 22, 1980
Address: 750 Kita-Hotaka, Hotaka, Azumino-shi, Nagano-ken, 389-8302 JAPAN
Date and Hospital of Stoma Surgery: July 7, 2008, at the Shinshu University Hospital

      The nominee has gone through a colon- stoma surgery at the age of 27 because of colon cancer, and overcoming frequent spread and recurrence of cancer he keeps up energetic activities even after the surgery, although he was at the 4th stage of the cancer at that time, and doctors predicted he might not live till 30 years old.

      Because he has chosen care giving services for the aged and the disabled as his profession, he started activity as a peer supporter of cancer patients in 2012, and he joined the JOA in 2013 to contribute to the ostomates' world as well. He is quite special because he did not stop playing JUDO after being discharged, though every ostomate is advised not to play any sports in which bodies hit hard and may hurt stomas. He has overcome obstacles by his own invents, and continues JUDO as a coach of children and won in tournaments himself.

      The nominee has frequently appeared on TV programmes, gotten newspaper interviews, contributed to the journals of social welfare, and given vigor and courage to not only youngsters but also many ostomates nationwide. Adding those, most remarkable is that he gives lectures on ostomy surgery and stoma care to the students of a care giver training school in the city of Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, four times a year since 2015.       He became one of steering members of the 20/40 Focus Group of the JOA in 2015 and gave strong impression to the participants when he made a lecture titled "Even Ostomates Can Do" at an event in Tokyo, commemorating the World Ostomy Day 2015, wearing JUDO wear.

      In September 2016, he was nominated the Chair Person of the 20/40 Focus Group, and JOA members expect him to serve Japanese ostomates more and more.

 30 January, 2017
JOA Representative to the ASPOA
Prof. Michiaki TAKAISHI, JOA Director and Head of the Nagano Chapter