Stoma Care Training Program for Nurses held in HoChiMinh Vietnam

Stoma care training course 20-24th, April 2018 in UMC (University Medical Center) Vietnam

Understanding the need of helping nurses acknowledge the importance of nursing for stoma patients, the annual stoma care course was held in UMC under the support from Lions For Stoma Care Association, particularly Dr. Carlo Pezcoller and Dr. Harikesh Buch. Dr. Pezcollar was sponsored by the ASPOA and UMC Vietnam took care of local hospitality while he was in Vietnam

The participants come from the North to the South of Vietnam, including the nurses from local hospital that is difficulty in exposing to new updating stoma care and ostomy products. Specially, this year we had four foreign candidates (3 nurses and 1 doctor) came from Cambodia and Myanmar

The course aims to provide the information about stoma surgery and the full basic stoma nursing. The importance of pre-operation and post-operation counselling in order to give the patients a holistic care in physical and mental aspects is also given

Practical session gave the factual view of doing some procedure in stoma care and dealing with stoma complications.

Ostomates Gathering time is opened a comfortable environment for ostomates sharing their new life with stoma including difficulties and successful in ostomy self-management. Adapting with ostomy helped them improving their quality of life and getting more confident in social activities and working places.

Students stated their feeling about the course and what they have achieved from, the advantages and disadvantages of the course and giving some recommendations for promoting the quality of next stoma care course.

You can view and download all the report here.