Mr. Hajime Hino 20/40 Youth Leader from JOA

      JOA 20/40 focus group celebrated its 4th year anniversary last June 2012 At present, the group has 86 members now. The group leader is Mr. Hajime Hino. They conducted a meeting for young ostomates in Fukuoka in January this year. This was followed with the 20/40 focus meeting during the JOA annual conference of Niigata last June. By holding an exchange meeting, although it is little-by-little, the link of young ostomates in Japan is being developed.

      Mr. Hino shares "I think that it is a result of the publicity work from our blog or from every direction. We get a subsidy and is creating a booklet for young ostomates. In the booklet, experiences, from a childhood such as entering school, employment, and love, are discussed and introduced. We hope to complete this by October.