We Mourn the Passing of Mr. Michiaki Takaishi


(Photo: During the last ASPOA / ASSR Conference - Left: Mr. Tsuyoshi Sasaoka and Right: Mr. Michiaki Takaishi)

(The following eulogy was read during the necrological service for Mr. Takaishi.)

       I would like to express my condolences respectfully to the late Mr. Takaishi on behalf of the Japan Ostomy Association.

       It was a great shock to our ostomy association's members and we were deeply saddened for your passing. You were kind and friendly to everyone and were trusted by a lot of people. It is incredible feeling now that you have passed away like this soon.

       You built an artificial bladder for the treatment of bladder cancer in 1994, and were among the ostomates, and soon joined Japan Ostomy Association. You were mainly responsible for international activities and for the core work of the association. And, you served your heavy responsibility as President of Japan Ostomy Association for four years from 2011.

       Our association is a member country of the International Ostomy Association and Asia Ostomy Association. With your great language skills and a sharp international sense, you have made a lot of effort as an official of these international organizations. To the international conference to be held every three years, you took the initiative to guide us and created a lot of happy memories.

       At the Tokyo Conference of the Asian Ostomy Association in 2008, we have welcomed many people form sixteen countries and you led it to great success.

       In 2011, the Ostomy Association of the Asian region and the South Pacific region integrated and you contributed to successfully holding the Conference in Tehran, Iran as the chairman of the Asia South Pacific Ostomy Association.

       Our association will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019. As a leader of the commemorative project you were expected. And also, you were a branch manager of the Nagano prefecture and were working in improving the quality of life of the local ostomates.

       We lost a great executive and we are at a loss, but we all want to join forces and join your will. We will hereby continue to inherit your unrestrained spirit and to encourage further development of the Ostomy Association here.

       We sincerely dedicate my respect and gratitude to Mr. Takaishi's accomplishment.
May God bless you.

October 24, 2017

Japan Ostomy Association
Immediate past president
Tsuyoshi Sasaoka

       We would like to request our readers and all our friends by saying a prayer for the repose of the soul of Mr. Michiaki Takaishi.

       We received the sad news of his passing from Mr. Yoshio Taniguchi.
       The email communication is as follows:

       Dear Friends of ASPOA

       I would like regret to inform you that MR.MICHIAKI TAKAISHI passed away October 21th, 2017 after a fight with liver cancer. MR.TAKAISHI contributed to improve the Quality of Life of Ostomates as board member of JOA , IOA, AOA and ASPOA with many friends for a longtime.

       We are thankful for his achievements and extend to our heartfelt condolences.

       In deepest sympathy,

Sincerely yours,

October 25th, 2017,
Japan Ostomy Association
Yoshio Taniguchi