Tribute to Mr. Joshi of OAI

      9th February, 2016

      Mr. Maneklal Joshi our current president of Ostomy Association of India (OAI) passed away n the last week of December 2015 at the age of 73 years in Mumbai, India.

      He was a cancer survivor for more than 15 years & was a role model for many cancer patients particularly patients with cancer of rectum. He was a great human being.

      He was a very dedicated, honest & sincere worker who served OAI for improving the Quality of Life (QOL) for many years. He served in different capacity in the Executive committee of OAI from 2010 lastly as the president. He was always eager & ready to help any ostomate and cancer patients not only in Mumbai but anywhere in India.

      He hailed from a village in the state of Rajasthan. His honesty and sincere hard work made him a branch manager of one of the nationalised bank in Mumbai. Not only he worked for ostomates but he was a great social worker as well. His sincere efforts were successful in getting his village people; the proper roads, public transport connectivity with other places in the state of Rajasthan & electricity for his village. His sincere efforts were successful in getting his villagers cooking gas facilities at their doorstep at no extra cost.

      In his death we have lost a very dear friend and great and sincere social worker and very dear friend. His philosophies of life will guide us in future also.


Harikesh Buch

President ASPOA