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World Ostomy Day 2018 Report

World Ostomy Day in New Zealand was to be celebrated by distributing Ribbons that had been designed to represent living with an Ostomy. By wearing a ribbon and distributing the ribbons people were "Speaking Up."

These Ribbons were designed and created by one member of the Ostomy NZ Board. They were presented at the Conference that was held in Wellington in August 2018 to the societies. Most societies seemed to think they were a good idea for World Ostomy Day. It was decided that societies would distribute these ribbons and collect a donation for the Ribbon. The money that was to be collected would be banked into an Ostomy NZ account and this money was to go towards Team OKK who are cycling in the Tour of New Zealand race to raise awareness and money for Ostomy NZ.

Below are the reports that have either been sent in to Kallia Patching or have been verbal through telephone conversations. Please note there are other comments noted as these were in the conversation so some of these are not just about World Ostomy Day. They are generally about how they are doing as a society as well.

As this was aimed at just the societies to begin with – there are just over 900 members within the societies it was expected that all members would receive a ribbon and a donation made for this ribbon.

Ashburton Had a newspaper article written by Jill Newton They are a very aged Society It was to late to do anything Ribbons didn't go out amongst the members There are very few members who are under 65 years They think they should be a support group and will pull out from being a society as it is too hard with all of them being of age.

There is no Stoma Nurse now They would like a letter written and will possibly do a donation for Team OKK to show their support

There was not enough notice for WOD They were unable to attend the meeting in Wellington due to being ill Fully supportive for what Team OKK is trying to do by raising the awareness Liked the Ribbon idea

Auckland Had the ribbons and bucket out at the meeting the Saturday after WOD Donations were collected and banked Did nothing special on WOD Aged Society Lots of compliments regarding the Ribbons

Canterbury A happy group of 23 people celebrated World Ostomy Day (6th October) on Sunday 7th with a trip on the Christchurch Tram followed by lunch at the fancy new RSA. It was a very enjoyable day, a few of us had never been on the tram and enjoyed winding round the central city with informative and humorous commentary from our tram driver. The lunch was excellent, and the RSA accommodated us very well. We were all wearing our ostomy awareness ribbons. Seven of the North Canterbury members availed us of the free bus for gold card holders to travel from Rangiora to the central city and avoid parking issues. The bus was certainly a new experience for me! – Brent Silcock People were lining up to get the Ribbons

Will also have them at the next meetings where they expect to hand out more and get some more donations

Hawkes Bay

President has stepped down due to illness Ribbons Great Idea Non-event for Hawkes Bay – had own plans in place and refreshed the plaque on the tree that was planted a while ago Nice occasion

No Money collected or deposited Felt was left in the dark as the president was away and nothing was passed onto them Some members tried to put notices up at hospital Vice President is very green and doesn't want the job of president Those that are fit and able turn up but not many They have changed the name to a support group but at this stage are still registered as a charity

Changing the name helped as being called a society people didn't like and thought it was old Paperwork is too big and lots of it No young ones in the group


(Taken from social media) Had a stand in the Local hospital and interacted with the public Wore Ribbons Donated to ONZ Nelson Unable to get hold of them North Harbour Did not do anything as Mandy is busy and in the process of moving again. They have a meeting soon so will maybe do something then Ribbons are a great idea Northland

The Northland Society must be a disappointment to you as we have nothing to report. Our activity was nil. We are having trouble in retaining active membership -- three of our committee have retired due to ill health, including our President. Fortunately, we were able to find a President for the coming year, but we are just existing. With only nine people attending our AGM our average age would be over 80 years. Your blue-ribbon package is still unopened, but somehow, I have misplaced the two ostomy lids for the buckets. – Jac Otago

Trip to Oamaru on a hire bus with lunch at the Heritage Village Wore Ribbons Great Idea Not a great deal of money as they want to either send in a sponsorship after a letter is sent but also will collect for us when we are cycling Struggling since Heather has passed away Still strong as a society but feel they are a dying breed Have some new ones coming though Invercargill is back up as a support group They will push Team OKK before the ride as they have radio contacts as well for air time

South Canterbury

I was involved with the South Canterbury group on the day when we had an open day with people popping in at their leisure for a chat and tea or coffee. Mr Roadley was there for the whole time and was able to answer some queries for people. We also had a collection at the Warehouse on the Friday and banked $53. Not sure how many ribbons are left as 1 of the Timaru members have them – Jill Taranaki

Ribbons Great Idea As the President was away at the time nothing was done on the day by the society however there were some that got out and completed a Virtual Walk Members have the ribbons, and these were worn Donations were not collected at this time

An information day was held at the hospital recently and they were able to connect with the public during this time – this was done instead of WOD They would like a letter regarding donating towards Team OKK – they will also be looking at other ways to raise awareness within their community and raise funds for Team OKK


Waikato didn't do anything particular as a society They are just getting back up and running President went to Tauranga and was disappointed he missed meeting Kallia and hearing her speak – he would like to hear her speak and also meet her in person as is very encouraged by what she is trying to do They have set up a Website and are looking at setting up a Facebook group Handed out brochures and Ribbons amongst the members Didn't have time regarding any donations Would like a letter for a donation towards Team OKK President is trying to do the best he can with his time and get the things he needs to do within time, he has also been ill Really supportive of trying to raise awareness Would be keen to have me go to Hamilton


Only have 5 members President passed away and have no one to fill this position Not doing much at the moment Ribbons good idea but didn't know what to do as there are only 5 of them

Ribbons will be sent back to Kallia as they are sitting in the cupboard in the secretary's shop. She wasn't interested in having them on the bench for the public as she didn't have room for them.


Sent a book to Kallia of what was done They are putting the word out within their community Ribbons were handed out to both members and the public They have a walking group every week No donations were made for the ribbons Had a raffle for raising money

It was decided that was is raised in Wanganui, stays in Wanganui John passed away and his wife is trying to keep things going for him, but this is hard and there are times she is struggling Don't want the society to fold but no one is coming forward No one is computer literate so this makes it hard All the extras make things hard for them as they age


As a society nothing was done. There were members who went for a walk as part of the Virtual walk. One member was away at a Church retreat and was asked to speak so she took this opportunity to share her story and speak about living with an Ostomy. She talked about the Ribbon and the meaning of this so others were aware. By sharing her story in front of strangers she was speaking up and explaining what life was like with an Ostomy.

WOD Youtube

WOD Youtube

WOD Youtube