Archie Vinitsky Nominations

DATE: 21 May 2012

TO: All IOA Member Associations

SUBJECT: Invitation to submit nominations for the Archie Vinitsky Award ARCHIE VINITSKY AWARD GUIDELINES

THE AWARD The Archie Vinitsky Award is an Award presented to a person who has given the most outstanding voluntary service at international and/or regional level in support of the activities of the IOA. The Award will next be presented in 2012 at a Conference of an IOA Full Member association.

QUALIFICATIONS The Award is essentially for services which have been given entirely voluntarily, but in the event of a potential recipient being professionally involved in a related capacity, a very clear distinction must be made by the proposer between their professional and voluntary activities. It is most likely that the qualifying period of any candidate will be over a number of preceding years. Excluded are current IOA Coordination Committee members and previous Award recipients.

THE AWARD SELECTION COMMITTEE The Award Selection Committee will be made up of five members: the Convener appointed by the IOA Coordination Committee Chair who will vote for the recipient only in case of a tie; the most recent Award recipient, and one member from each of the 3 IOA Regions as identified by the Region’s President, who is not a member of the IOA CC. Ken Aukett will serve as the 2012 Award Selection Committee Convener.

NOMINATIONS All IOA Full Member associations are invited to nominate a suitable candidate for this Award. To be eligible for consideration, the proposers must submit full details of the candidate’s service supported by a citation or statement of their merits, personal endeavors and achievements. The proposer must take full responsibility for the accuracy of the provided information. All candidate nominations must be submitted to Ken Aukett via email ( no later than 1 July 2012.

Blood, poop and tears ... and rising above it.

I say this with the utmost respect. The fact that you put yourself out there and talk about a lot of taboo issues with humour and intelligence is wonderful and inspiring. I personally believe that part of healing is not being mentally consumed by a condition. Clearly you are taking control OVER the disease as much as you can but still, I have to wonder if you can move post ibd, cancer and other significant cases. MANY people have their own issues too. I have several very close family members who have been near death and clawed their way back. I would do my best to think of myself as healthy and well and not diseased and uncured. (Anonymous)