World Ostomy Day Symposium

Zhuhai China 24 March 2012 - In late February I was invited by Song Yanli from Coloplast to attend the above symposium. On Thursday 22nd March, on the way to this WOD symposium, the opportunity was taken to visit Hong Kong Stoma Association (HKSA) and the Coloplast Regional Office.

I am grateful to Jackie Lam who organized my visit that coincided with a "Big Day Out" for Hong Kong Ostomates and their families. I was able to taxi from the airport and join them at their office at 9.30 am to go on a bus tour that included a visit to the "Hong Kong Flower Show." Over 50 took this opportunity.

It was a great event and I had the opportunity to mingle in a social setting with this group and following a leisurely lunch I left the group and visited the Coloplast Offices and was fortunate to receive updates on projects and activity in several member countries and discuss future plans in the region. Much useful information was shared with several of their team and Elaine Chung, their Regional Manager, (who had co organized my day) took me to catch the ferry at the terminal close by to Zhuhai in mainland China.

On arrival at the hotel I was met by a Coloplast representative from Beijing (Amy Ya) who briefed me on the next 2 days activity and was my interpreter when required.

The World Ostomy day Symposium was a significant Event and Ostomates ET's and Doctors were present from the 5 Chinese cities IOA had worked in over the past 2 years with the AtH project, as well as close neighbors Hong Kong.

Coloplast had organized them to be present and had arranged Beijing TV to have a journalist and cameraman present over the 2 days to film the program on Saturday and the other activities ostomates were involved in over the 2 days. On Friday 23rd 12 ostomates from Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Shanghai went on a tour of Zhuhai and were filmed and interviewed during this time.

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Blood, poop and tears ... and rising above it.

I say this with the utmost respect. The fact that you put yourself out there and talk about a lot of taboo issues with humour and intelligence is wonderful and inspiring. I personally believe that part of healing is not being mentally consumed by a condition. Clearly you are taking control OVER the disease as much as you can but still, I have to wonder if you can move post ibd, cancer and other significant cases. MANY people have their own issues too. I have several very close family members who have been near death and clawed their way back. I would do my best to think of myself as healthy and well and not diseased and uncured. (Anonymous)